Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Every business with a forward-looking strategy must have in place a digital strategy in order to survive. We work with clients to develop their Digital strategy and execute it. We have tied partnerships with solution developers that facilitate the technology development. Through this process, we offer advisory in Supply Chain Finance, Payment Systems, Trade Finance digitization, distributor finance, among other components.

Highlights of recent engagements

As part of carrying out its mandate, Centerprise Africa identified a need to set up a Supply Chain Finance structure to help SMEs conveniently access working capital.

Centerprise Africa initiated the concept development, feasibility study, business plan development, enterprise valuation, and pitched to angle investors to help set up Mtaji Capital, a Fintech that runs m-Ankara, a technology-powered working Capital marketplace.

Centerprise Africa facilitated the raising of capital from angel investors to develop the m-ankara platform, which has now finalized its Proof of Concept and is gearing for market launch

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